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Things to know...

Where: 1000 White Willow Way

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How & What

Cost of the class is $20.

If you are interested in attending a class, but have questions, please fill out the contact information to have your questions answered. RTE Fundamentals is REQUIRED to take prior to being able to enroll in RTE Joint Mobility Strength Class!!!


  • Payment  is taken ahead of time to reserve your spot. Refunds are NOT offered for No Shows. This encourages accountability and fairness to others that want to take the class, as space is limited and walk-ins/drop-ins are not permitted. You can book by clicking the "Book Now" button below, under "What We Offer"


  • Slots are first come first serve. Minimum of 4 participants for a class is needed. If at least 4 people are not enrolled in a particular class time slot by the Friday before the class at 8pm EST, then that class will be canceled, you will be notified via email or text if you've submitted your cell phone number upon enrollment, and you will have the option to attend another class if space is available, or be issued a refund.


Day of Class

  • Please arrive between 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class for check-in and prep so that class can begin promptly on time. 

  • Please bring some form of ID to check against class roster. 

  • Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to put on just prior to transitioning onto the mats to keep the working area safe and clean for all participants.

  • Bring a towel and bottle/container of water for personal use.

  • Please bring an open mindset, curiosity for new ideas, willingness to try :)

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