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Things to know...

Where: 1251 Canyon Road Suite 1
Morgantown, WV 26508


How & What

Cost of the class is $20.

If you are interested in attending a class, but have questions, please fill out the contact information to have your questions answered. RTE Fundamentals is REQUIRED to take prior to being able to enroll in RTE and the RMR Strength Class!!!


  • Payment  is taken ahead of time to reserve your spot. Refunds are NOT offered for No Shows. This encourages accountability and fairness to others that want to take the class, as space is limited and walk-ins/drop-ins are not permitted. You can book by clicking the "Book Now" button below, under "What We Offer"


Day of Class

  • Please arrive between 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class for check-in and prep so that class can begin promptly on time. 

  • Please bring some form of ID to check against class roster for RTE Fundamentals class if you are new to Symmetry Fitness. 

  • Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to put on just prior to transitioning onto the mats to keep the working area safe and clean for all participants.

  • Bring a towel and bottle/container of water for personal use.

  • Please bring an open mindset, curiosity for new ideas, willingness to try :)

Book Here...

Classes begin Saturday March 25th


Contact Carly with your questions here:


Email Address*




A joint strength training class that utilizes principles from FRC and CES to increase your movement capacity, decrease chronic pain, and progress towards more stable joint strength and mobility.

The big buzz words in fitness are "mobility" and "core" work.

Gaining solid joint mobility and stability requires more than just "passive" stretching, banded distraction, or using foam rollers. Actively gaining stable joint range of motion requires daily work and specific strengthening movements. 

 Revolve to Evolve teaches participants how to progress through these techniques. 

Carly will be teaching and programming a variety of movements and techniques that combine RMR, CES, and FRC philosophies. Class size is intentionally kept small to insure that the participants are given the detailed instruction and supervision needed to learn and properly perform the exercise content of the course. 

What do you learn in the class?

Each week class will be focused on strengthening joint work space and awareness of specific body areas. 

Examples include a spine and scapular class, a shoulder/elbows/wrist class, a hips/knees/ankle class.


The goal each week is to work towards  increasing your joint stability and mobility for resiliency. The stronger and more proprioceptively aware your joints are, the stronger you are at everything else you do in life. All of our activities are limited to the space our current joint range of motion allows.

Want to be able to do more? Give your joints more range. It's important to note that flexibility and joint mobility are not the same.


This is not a stretching "flexibility" class, nor is it similar to yoga. Not by a long shot. The exercises completed in this class have you at your maximum joint end range positions, performing contractions in most scenarios at 70% and above of your max effort, for sustained holds.

Most importantly, you will be learning Functional Range Conditioning concepts and techniques that you can take with you anywhere, and utilize throughout the week

to embed the new ranges that you are opening up.

If we hope to keep our newly acquired range of motion, then repeated "active" exposure to this range is key. The brain grants longer term access to this tissue once it senses stability in this new range. 

Passive flexibility and stretching does not do this. It must be paired with tissue specific strengthening exercises in end ranges (both short and long) to produce the desired stimulus the brain is seeking.

So, if you are tired of your body hurting all the time, or being restricted from your favorite activities because you can't move the way you need to participate, then this class is for you.

No prior experience is necessary to enroll in the RTE Fundamentals class. However, the RTE Fundamentals class is a requirement to attend the RTE Joint Mobility Strength Training class.


The Fundamentals class is a 90 minute class designed to give the attendee the opportunity to learn the basic concepts and CARs routine that will be utilized in every regular RTE class.  The intent is to provide a better foundation coming into RTE Joint Mobility Strength Training class, so that you can be fully immersed in the class for maximum benefit.


Nobody likes to feel lost in a class environment. It's hard to learn and benefit when all you feel is overwhelmed because you have no idea what's going on. RTE Fundamentals helps to decrease the overwhelm and increase the benefits. You can take the Fundamentals class more than once if you feel that it would benefit you more to do so.

Symmetry Fitness Client Testimonial

     "I walk funny; well I walked even funnier until I started working with Carly. I began having knee problems during adolescence which was worsened by year round sports through college. My difficulties were poorly diagnosed and treated by multiple athletic trainers, orthopedists, and physical therapists resulting in many different types of braces, unnecessary injections and surgeries. 

     By the time, I got to Carly I was unable to squat, had chronic pain and couldn’t get up from a chair without using my upper body. She quickly discovered all my various weaknesses and flawed, compensatory movements and then the work started. Initially, I was skeptical and doubtful of her methods. When she would demonstrate a movement, I would think, “well that seems super easy,” or, “why am I doing this funny little exercise with bands in this odd position with her holding my knee out.” But then that, “super easy movement,” or funny exercise would be incredibly challenging. I would be shaking with effort and not even be holding a weight.

     So, overtime I learned to trust her and her process. An initial long-term goal was to be able to build up enough stability, endurance, and strength to complete the trail hike that leads to Machu Picchu. I was able to complete the hike successfully, train for and complete a few Spartan Races, in addition to regularly working out and becoming comfortable and proficient at several Olympic lifts and barbell-based movements.

     I worked with her for several years and felt confident enough to start CrossFit when I moved away. Then, several years later I found my way back to Carly looking for help recovering from a severe L4,5 herniation that I sustained three months after having a baby. The Neurosurgeon wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible so I dove into various treatment modalities. I received massage, chiropractic care, traction, steroid injections and physical therapy, which all helped in the immediate period after the injury but my improvement plateaued.

      I was so happy that I could return to working with her through her App. I am improving my cardio, mobility and strengthening my midline under her guidance. I am incredibly satisfied with my progress. As with my previous experience working with Carly, the initial program with the smaller movements and what seemed to be lighter cardio all served a greater purpose to advance me through the appropriate steps to get me to the more dynamic and challenging movements. Trust her and trust the process!! And communicate, she can’t adjust or make changes unless she knows what is going on with you."

~Caitlin C.

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