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Check out the latest news and offerings from Symmetry Fitness below.

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New Online Health Coaching
Group Program

SHIFT Series 

New Health Coaching Group Online Program Series starting in March at Symmetry Fitness.

SHIFT is an online group health coaching program designed to provide guided support for sustainable habit change, one health area at a time.


Each SHIFT series is a narrowed focus on one health topic for 8 weeks. This is designed to decrease the overwhelm, and increase the manageability.






First up in the series:

"SHIFT: My Plate" will help to support and build the foundation of your food habits by slowly shifting your food choices to better support YOUR health goals.

What it is:

~Weekly Online Class

~Mid-Week Follow up Support Call

~Challenges designed to support sustainable habit change

~Private Portal for Materials, Habit Tracking, Chat area

~8 week program begins Mid March

~Class size limited

~ No meal plans or fixed diets

~ It’s about adding in and moving towards your goals, not removing and restricting.

Interested in participating in this class? 

Click "I want to SHIFT" to register today. This series begins soon, and class size is limited. Sign up today!


Group Fitness Classes Beginning
February 10, 2024

Offering 2 different types of classes:


~Revolve to Evolve (RTE) Mobility Class

~RMR Strength Class

RTE Mobility & RMR Strength class requires a Fundamentals Introductory class to learn certain movements needed for each class.  


This Fundamental Intro class is only offered 3 times a month in February, and space is limited. Twice on a Wednesday (morning and evening) and once on a Saturday, and is 90 minutes in length. 

Please check booking page for times and dates offered for all classes.

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New Group Health Coaching Program:

Registration for  "Controlling Your Narrative"  is now open.


When is it?

2 separate class times will be offered:

Monday evenings at 7:30 pm beginning on November 6th

Tuesday mornings at 10 am beginning on November 7th


How long is it?

There will be "12" 60 minute Zoom Group classes spread out over the course of 14 weeks.

Class participant size is limited and enrollment closes on November 4, 2023.  The class you register for is the class

you will remain in throughout the course. This program will provide support through the entire holiday season, including

into the New year. Classes end the first week of February. There will be no classes the week of Thanksgiving and the week

of Christmas to give space and grace to travel and family time.


What is it? 

The intent of this program is to offer a small group safe space that provides

education, techniques, exercises, materials,

and weekly group and individual check-in support to:

  • discover

  • create 

  • shape

  • show up


for yourself on a personalized goal topic and transform it into a habit.

Each group class includes an individual targeted 15 minute phone call to provide

additional support and personalized problem solving. These calls occur a couple days

after your class and are vital to help keep you on track while you begin the process of initiating new behaviors.

Although there will be no classes the week of Christmas, there will still be check-in calls that week 

to re-group after the craziness of Christmas and to keep you rolling into January

2024 on a positive note.

12 group classes + 13 Individual calls

Private client portal to access your class materials and modules, chat with classmates, applications for habit tracking

and awareness of your behaviors depending on the goal you choose. Interactive class environment that approaches

problem-solving the types of behaviors and thought processes that create obstacles, in a manner that instead creates

 opportunities for success.

How much does it cost?

$240.00 for the entire program.

There are no additional fees. That works out to be $17.14 per week!

If you've ever wanted to try health coaching

but felt that the individual session cost/package was too prohibitive, this is a 

great opportunity to take part in all the skills I bring to the table

at a affordable cost.

Not to mention receiving group and individual support

during a difficult time period of the year. You can roll into 2024 with 

2 months of healthy work under your belt.

You won't need resolutions in January, just continued repetitions of a solid routine.


This program is about learning how to transform goals into habits.

The skills and techniques you learn can be transferred onto other goals and behaviors.

If you need and want help with that,

pick a class time that works for you and register today.

Have questions? Drop me a line here

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1251 Canyon Road

Morgantown WV 26508

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