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What is Functional Range Conditioning?

Currently the only certified FRCms provider of FRC training in the State of West Virginia. But you watch, people will be jumping on the FRS/FRA/FRC train before long in our state. As they should, because it is unmatched in its ability to be able to restore optimal movement patterns for all aspects of life and movement, It is a system that is utilized by a number of different professional level sports teams and leagues, 

FRC stands for Functional Range Conditioning. It is a part of the Functional Range Systems developed by world renowned Dr. Andreo Spina to allow practitioners to work with clients in a manner to create joint optimization. FRC is a specific system of training which applies scientific methods to the acquisition and maintenance of

1. Functional Mobility defined as "articular strength and neurological control"

2. Articular Resilience: increased tissue load bearing capacity--> mitigating the likelihood of injury.

3. Articular Health and Longevity

This system is a way to teach my clients how to optimize their joint range of motion and gain control over that motion, which in turn allows for better control over their individual movement requirements. My needs and range differ from your needs. The question each person must ask themselves is do I have the joint range of motion needed for what my life, and who I am as a person, requires?

Does your body feel good when you wake up? Can you just move? Or does it take awhile to move and feel okay? Do you have restrictions that are preventing you from enjoying day to day life? Are you an athlete or weekend warrior that is struggling to train without pain consistently? If any of those scenarios sound like you, then FRC just might be something that can help you function more optimally in a daily basis. Check back for more information detailing this amazing training technique that has helped so many people return to a better functioning way of life.

My current clients love the way it makes them feel!!!

Part of an FRC session

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