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New Group Fitness Classes



Symmetry Fitness

1251 Canyon Road

Suite 1

Morgantown, WV 26508


NASM Certified in:

Personal Training

Certified Nutrition Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist


FAS Certified in:

Functional Range Assessment

Functional Range Conditioning

FMCA Certified in:

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


"There is no time like the present to begin, for the present is all we have. If you want to mend yourself, then you must begin minding yourself. You control your narrative. How will you write your next chapter?"


Founder "Author of Me"

Writing by the Water

Restorative Movement Resilience


Personalized Studio 1-1 sessions*

 address the unique needs of each client. This can include: 


  • 1-1 coaching

  • 50-minute session length

  • personalized FRA assessment (separate fee applies)

  • FRC specific training sessions if desired

  • joint  mobility/stability control using FRC protocols

  • enhanced neuromuscular control

  • corrective programming for movement deficits

  • strength/resistance based training

  •  cardio training

  • Controlled Articular Rotations

  • access to Symmetry Fitness App

Mobility/ joint strength training class utilizing principles from FRC & CES


  • small class sizes

  • 60 min in length

  • focused topics to increase ROM to specific body areas 

  • education that you can utilize at home and gym to further increase your movement capacity and potentially decrease pain.

  • REQUIRED RTE Fundamentals class to begin.

  • adults with any fitness level are welcome, however, those actively being treated for an injury/post surgery in physical therapy, must wait until the conclusion of their treatment and clearance from doctor to begin.

  • Classes begin Saturday February 3, 2024


RMR Strength Class

  • Small class size

  • 60 minute in length

  • Designed to build muscular endurance and increase proprioception

  • Required RTE Fundamentals class prior to being able to enroll in this class.

  • Works great in combo with RTE class to enhance movement and strength capabilities.

  • No experience needed, other than RTE Fundamentals class.

Individualized health coaching with a board certified (NBC-HWC) Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach can help you obtain and maintain goals that are health and fitness related. 


  • This type of coaching is useful for clients that are also   actively working with a health professional, whether it be their doctor, surgeon, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapist, mental health provider, etc.,

  • Healthcare providers give a diagnosis and an expert opinion on the areas you need to work on to improve your health. 

  • The process and implementation of what to do with that diagnosis is left up to you as you exit the appointment. The result is you often end up feeling frustrated, scared, and alone.

                                   You are not alone.

  • Health coaching can be an invaluable source of support for goal directed specific interventions. These interventions and collaborations are intended to provide a safe, nonjudgmental supportive environment.  to help the client create and maintain the behavior change habits and actions that are needed to be successful. 

  • Navigating and implementing the advice and direction that the medical/health professional has provided to you can be confusing and overwhelming.

  • Working with a board-certified functional medicine certified health coach can help to alleviate some of the burden by providing you with support throughout the journey to optimal health and wellness.

  • This type of coaching can be done online via zoom or over the phone,

Author of Me: Who holds the pen?

Restorative Movement Resilience Training, or RMR, focuses on restoring or learning how to initiate better movement and behavioral patterns to create a more resilient physical and mental self. "Train the Brain to Train the Body. Move and Live with Intent." is what my training philosophy was founded on from the very beginning, almost 20 years ago. Intentional movement has gotten me past some pretty significant physical injuries in life. The whole purpose of RMR is to create a training atmosphere and mindset for the folks out there that have a desire to heal, move better, feel better, and get back to enjoying life. Fitness related goals are only one component of RMR. Behavior change, mindset motivation, and healthy joint range of motion relative to one's goals are also components. So is a client's work, family, and social environment. People tend to break when the focus in only on building muscle and losing weight. In order to achieve health and fitness goals and maintain them, one must take a good look at their present life and assess what needs to change, and what needs to stay. The "stay" category is easy. The "change" category, well, not so much... However, there are ways to make that change category a little less bumpy, and a lot less difficult. Building resilience in a manner that appropriately addresses the parameters of adaptation and allostasis can smooth out that road to implement changes. RMR training style reflects that. It was designed by a trainer that has an extensive work history and certifications in: mental health (5 years inpatient hospital as mental health specialist, 5 years training/health coaching outpatient mental health clients) joint range of motion assessments (FRA) injury mitigation (FRS-FRCms, NASM-CES) joint strength training (FRCms) range of motion training (FRCms) behavior change (NASM-BCS, FMCHC, NBC-HWC) functional medicine health coaching (FMCHC) health education in relapse prevention and weight management (MHS @ CRH DDU, HMR trained behavioral health educator for medically supervised weight management program 5 years) mindful movement (FMCHC, FRCms) corrective exercise (NASM-CES) Certified Nutrition Coach and plain ole' personal training (NASM-CPT) BA in Psychology from WVU Although I do have an extreme love for learning, all of my certifications were intentional with one goal in mind: attempt to understand the separate puzzle pieces that comprise human health and movement, so that I can help my clients in the best way possible. Is the puzzle complete? No. Just like life, it will continue to evolve, and I will continue to learn and adapt. Because I love educating and sharing my passion with my clients, they will also get to learn and adapt, if they so desire. Speaking of puzzle pieces and adapting, now would be a good time to mention the other component of Author of Me: Mind Yourself to Mend Yourself Health Coaching. Restoring Movement is not my only passion. Some of my clients only want to do RMR with me, some only FRC, some want to do both RMR and separate health coaching sessions as well. Some only do health coaching. It's really about the individual needs of the client. I decided to complete the functional medicine health coach training because I knew that it was another missing piece of the puzzle. As a trainer and an educator, my job is to wear an expert hat and tell clients exactly what to do and to provide specific information. But, the expert/educator approach is not enough for my clients that truly want to change their narrative to one that aligns with the inner self they desire to be. Especially if they are struggling with this change. Health coaches do not prescribe to the expert approach. It's more about creating a partnership with the client and following the coach approach. I can use all of my knowledge and experience of subjects related to movement, functional medicine, and mental health as more of a supportive guide, if a client wants to explore those areas to work on making sustainable changes. Health coaches do not tell clients what to do. Health coaches support a client's personal goals for behavioral change. I support that YOU are the expert of who you are. It's your story to write. Not mine. You control your narrative. That is the point of "Mind Yourself to Mend Yourself". I also wanted to become a functional medicine health coach because a number of the clients I work with are currently being treated for mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. I've partnered with a few providers and therapists to provide an additional option for their clients' treatment protocol. Mental health clients deserve more options for treatment. I want to change the narrative of what mental health treatment looks like and I am very passionate about this area. Combining functional medicine health coaching with RMR is a way to do that. Even health coaching alone will help to change the narrative. My own experience with depression, adhd, anxiety, and trauma; as well as time spent working in mental health both inpatient and outpatient really highlighted the need for a change in the treatment narrative. There are more pieces to the puzzle of getting well, than just the pieces of medication assisted treatment and traditional therapy. I believe there is a place, and a need, for mindful movement and health coaching in mental health treatment. These additional areas address the need to change long standing negative health, wellness, and behavioral habits that are known mediators for depression and anxiety. These habits are slowly developed over time and can become firmly entrenched and difficult to change. Mostly, because we don't recognize them as habits that were developed over time as a result of the depression, anxiety, etc. Now, those same habits are propping up the depression and anxiety. We are not our diagnosis, but we most certainly are our habits. Most individuals with chronic depression and anxiety stopped nourishing themselves with all the things that are needed to be a healthy human, with a healthy mind and body. Nourishing behaviors like nutrition that supports gut health and mitochondrial health. Regular physical activity to enrich the cardiovascular, circulatory, muscular, endocrine, joint, and neurological systems to name a few. Practicing sleep hygiene for proper recovery and brain health. Social interactions that are supportive. Meditation, breath work, and movement practices that decrease stress and help to regulate emotion and the nervous system. The list goes on. Without changing any of the above-mentioned habits in a positive way, the client expects to become healthy with a treatment plan that focuses only on medication and therapy. This is the story that has been told to them by the professionals. Sorry to say, but it doesn't work that way for most people. When they don't feel better or see a sustained improvement in their quality of life, despite following the treatment plan perfectly, they begin to lose hope. The reality is, we have to change the person we became (our habits) while our depression, anxiety, etc., was developing and maintaining itself. I want to help clients gain back hope for their futures, by supporting their exploration into healthy behavior change. Once their health habits begin to change, they begin to understand how much they control their own behavioral habit narrative. With that control, hope blooms with the recognition of just how much control that they do have over their treatment outcomes. That they are indeed the author of their own story. That you, whoever you are reading this, are also the author of your own story. Mindful movement, practicing healthy behaviors, learning to live in the present, and focusing on the facts of the moment, has helped me to move beyond past physical and mental trauma to a life filled with purpose, and mostly peace. I'm still a work in progress. We all are, wouldn't you agree? I'd prefer to be the person holding the pen that writes the next chapter of my progression. What about you? Will you write your next chapter? Who is your "I am..."? Author of Me programming and philosophy has always been to approach each person from a holistic whole bodied perspective. The goal is take each client from their current functioning level in life, and progress them to reach their goals in a manner that matches their individual needs, wants, and capabilities. We all have our own journey in life, but that doesn't mean others can't help us along the way. Where will your next chapter take you?



What do the clients have to say?

I have been training with Carly for 6 years and believe her to be one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a personal trainer.


Through her training, I have become the strongest and healthiest version of myself. Before I started working out with Carly, I had always considered myself healthy and tried to lead an active lifestyle. I accepted and resigned myself to aches/pains as a part of the ‘normal’ aging process. I had back pain and couldn’t sit up straight from a lying position.


Since training with Carly, I am happy to say that I am 62 years old and pain free!! Carly is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every training session challenging. I’ve experienced continued improvements in my endurance, agility, strength and overall well-being.


She will not let her clients ‘go through the motions’; she has extreme focus on form and has taught me how to use my muscles correctly to my benefit inside and outside of training sessions. I love the fact that she has become a keystone in my life-routine. She has opened a new private training studio which is wonderful! If you are thinking about personal training, you must go train with Carly!


Karen Romah 


 Hartley Inn

Carmichaels, PA

I have been working with Carly for over a year now. While my initial goal was weight loss, what I have gained in my time with her has been far more meaningful.

I have gained...


  • Strength, both mental and physical
  • Enjoyment in learning new exercises and challenging myself.
  • Freedom from chronic knee pain
  • Confidence to try new things.


But most importantly, I have gained a teacher, coach and friend. While I still have a long way to go in all of my endeavors, I know that she will always have my back.

Dr. Karen Fluet

WVU Medicine

     "I walk funny; well I walked even funnier until I started working with Carly. I began having knee problems during adolescence which was worsened by year round sports through college. My difficulties were poorly diagnosed and treated by multiple athletic trainers, orthopedists, and physical therapists resulting in many different types of braces, unnecessary injections and surgeries.


By the time, I got to Carly I was unable to squat, had chronic pain and couldn’t get up from a chair without using my upper body. She quickly discovered all my various weaknesses and flawed, compensatory movements and then the work started. Initially, I was skeptical and doubtful of her methods. When she would demonstrate a movement, I would think, “well that seems super easy,” or, “why am I doing this funny little exercise with bands in this odd position with her holding my knee out.” But then that, “super easy movement,” or funny exercise would be incredibly challenging. I would be shaking with effort and not even be holding a weight.


So, overtime I learned to trust her and her process. An initial long-term goal was to be able to build up enough stability, endurance, and strength to complete the trail hike that leads to Machu Picchu. I was able to complete the hike successfully, train for and complete a few Spartan Races, in addition to regularly working out and becoming comfortable and proficient at several Olympic lifts and barbell-based movements.

I worked with her for several years and felt confident enough to start CrossFit when I moved away. 


Then, several years later I found my way back to Carly looking for help recovering from a severe L4,5 herniation that I sustained three months after having a baby. The Neurosurgeon wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible so I dove into various treatment modalities. I received massage, chiropractic care, traction, steroid injections and physical therapy, which all helped in the immediate period after the injury but my improvement plateaued.


I was so happy that I could return to working with her through her App. I am improving my cardio, mobility and strengthening my midline under her guidance. I am incredibly satisfied with my progress. As with my previous experience working with Carly, the initial program with the smaller movements and what seemed to be lighter cardio all served a greater purpose to advance me through the appropriate steps to get me to the more dynamic and challenging movements. Trust her and trust the process!! And communicate, she can’t adjust or make changes unless she knows what is going on with you."

~Caitlin C.

Caitlin C.



1000 White Willow Way

Morgantown WV 26505

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